Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a money back guarantee for server downtime?

Since Websitedesignindia.in has achieved unbelievable uptimes, we offer a 99.5% uptime guarantee. If your web site is not up 99.5% of the month, we will credit you for any down time that occured on a pro-rated basis. Our company takes pride in being able to provide at least 99.5% uptime. Therefore, you can rest assured your web site is up 99.5% of the time or your money back, guaranteed!

Can I host a domain which is with another service provider?

You can host a domain register with any registrar. You need to point the DNS to our server so we can host your domain. We will not be responsible for any issues related to the DNS.

How often do you take backup of server

Our server admin team takes backup once in a week. For safe side It is always suggested to customer to keep the latest backup of your databse and website themselves. Our server has the facility to take the backup yourself and always be on safe side.

Will you advertise on my website?

We offer premium hosting and will never advertise on your website. Hosting companys that advertise on your website are often cheap, but provide very low quality service. Websites using this kind of service look very unprofessional and have very slow bandwidth connections.

Do your servers have battery backups and generators?

Each server is protected by a uninterruptible power supply system. In the rare case of a power outage, auto-start generators will take over and supply all necessary power to the servers. This system assures your website is always up and running, regardless of power conditions.

What kind of servers do you use?

We always utilize the best hardware. This means that you will experience the fastest website response times and highest reliability and uptime. All of our shared servers are at the very least equipped with:

Dual Quad Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5430 @ 2.66GHz (8 Cores total)(Linux)
Dual Quad Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5450 @ 3.00GHz (8 Cores total)(Windows)
6GB of RAM on Linux and 18GB on ASP (ASPs are Windows servers)
RAID 10 Hard Drive configuration (Best Performance & Redundancy)

What is websitedesignindia.In's uptime?

We don’t just claim 99.5% server uptimes, we guarantee it in writing. If your server is not up 99.5% of the month, you are eligible to receive credit for any downtime on a pro-rated basis. However, don’t expect to ever invoke this guarantee, extended downtime is extremely rare.

Can I upgrade my plan at a later date?

We offer the flexibility of allowing clients to upgrade plans at anytime. The cost of upgrading will be pro-rated and you will never be charged any additional fees. This way, your account can meet the demands of your website, as it expands and or increases traffic.

Do I have to register my domain with you?

We offer domain registration, but you do not have to register your domain with us. We can host any domain, with any registrar. We encourage you to register your domain with whom you choose.

Can you host international domains?

We can host any domain, of any country. Thats right, we can host any and all domain names. Yes, this includes domains with any and all TLD’s. If you do not know what a TLD is, an example would be the “.com” or “.net” part of a domain name. There’s not a domain that we can’t host!

Can I use my own CGI and PHP .NET scripts?

While we do provide many pre-installed scripts, you can still upload any of your own scripts. You can purchase scripts from many online developers or write your own. Regardless, you can upload any scripts that you may own. However, most popular scripts are pre-installed!

Can i look at the control panel you will be providing us?

We provide CPanel for Linux Server and Dot Net Panel or Plesk panel for windows server.

For Linux Server: Control Panel Demo for Linux Server

For Windows Server: Plesk Control Panel Demo for Windows Server

Can I Send Bulk Email?

We strictly do not offer bulk emailing/markting emails/promotional emails on our servers.

I am Getting Cheaper cost Hosting from Another Provider?

The cost for which we offer service is our own cost based on the service and support we offer and the kind of server we use. Our cost and service are transparent.

Every Providers says there servers are 99% up, why should I trust WDI?

We keep our services uninterrupted and keep the server running all the time and there are scheduled and emergency server maintenance or issue with the DNS. We offer money back guarantee on pro rata basis for the downtime of our server.

Do you Offer Dedicated Server Hosting

No We do not offer Dedicated Servers at the moment.